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portable closet ideas

How to Spark Joy With These Portable Closet Ideas

Enhance your storage space with portable closet ideas that spark joy and inspire organization. There’s more to storage than just stuffing things into bins and shoving them into a closet. Sure, that gets the mess out of sight, but it doesn’t help to organize or otherwise minimize the clutter. You have to go further. You […]

luxury guest bedroom

How to Design a Luxury Guest Bedroom Your Guests Will Adore

You don’t have to spend like a celebrity to get a celebrity-styled luxury guest bedroom If there’s one thing that lavishly-paid celebrities agree on in a luxury guest bedroom, it’s white bed linens. Celebrities from Courteney Cox to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick to Cameron Diaz (have all jumped on this high-end hotel trend. […]

wearing shoes indoors

Why Wearing Shoes Indoors is The Most Disgusting Thing You Could Do

Prepare to be shocked at what’s coming into your home when you’re wearing shoes indoors “I don’t really think that much about it,” said New Jersey mom Michelle Ciocon. But this mom was about to discover why wearing shoes indoors is the most disgusting thing you can do! Ciocon may not think much about the […]

dorm laundry tips

10 Easy Dorm Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Mom Proud

Impress your friends and roommates with these dorm laundry tips that will keep you looking (and smelling) good   Female college students say they do their laundry once a week. Male students claim they do theirs every two weeks, but as their moms know, they’re just saying that for the camera. The truth for both […]

best guest bed

15 Simple Suggestions for Setting up the Best Guest Bed

It takes more care than money to provide the best guest bed to your visitors We’ve all heard at least one horror story. The host who was embarrassed when her guests stripped the sheets from her best guest bed and spotted that stain from the last guest’s spilled coffee. And how many people have slept […]

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