Monthly Archives: June 2011

Add Decorative Fabrics on Your Bedding for a Pop of Color

Are you scared to commit to a bedding set that features bold colors? It’s okay if you’d rather go for the simple crisp white linens as opposed to the bright orange option …

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What Blue Curtains Can do to Your Space

Are you in the process of making over your home? Trust us when we say that you don’t have to spend copious amounts of cash to create a tranquil space that you will love and enjoy for years.

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Area Rugs Can Dictate the Overall Look of Your New Place

If you’re moving into a new place, chances are you’re filled with design ideas for creating an inviting space for you to enjoy. If you’re not set on a particular theme and if you’re having a problem focusing…

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Do Bachelors Need Window Treatments?

Most people visualize a bachelor pad as an undecorated space with nothing but the necessities like an overly stuffed recliner and a giant screen TV. However, men need some design in their space too – even when it comes to the windows.

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Choose the Right Bedding Size for Your Mattress

Beds come in all shapes and forms around the world, but in the U.S., mattress sizes are normally categorized into four to six kinds that bedding manufacturers follow to ensure that the linens fit perfectly.

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