Monthly Archives: July 2011

Beautiful Beach House Decorations

Homeowners who are lucky enough to call a beachfront property home during the entire year or for the summer season know that decorating these types of dwellings to make them comfortable homes rather than casual beach-houses can be difficult.

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Bohemian Decorating Style

The Bohemian lifestyle is all about rejecting the idea of ‘normal’ in favor of self expression and homes that incorporate this style into their design schemes are often eclectic – mixing a variety of colors and patterns

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Shades Can Help on Sunny Summer Days

Although the summer heat provides a welcome change from cold winter days, it can be difficult to keep electricity bills low when separate airconditioners or a central AC unit is running.

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Style Guide: Curtain Types

With so many curtain varieties available on the market today, finding the window treatment that looks best can be confusing for individuals who are looking to redecorate their home.

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Back to School Bargains

With less than two months until the school year returns, many first time or returning college students have begun hunting for stylish dorm room furniture pieces

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