Keep area rugs from slipping and sliding

D. Palmacci

Although many homeowners like the look of a high-quality area rug in their living room, dining room or hall, it can be difficult to prevent these carpet pieces from moving around without placing a heavy piece of furniture on top of them. Unfortunately, large and bulky decorative items can take away from the beauty of a woven or braided rug and placing large cabinets or couches in open areas can make your house appear cluttered.

Thankfully, there is a way to keep rugs in place that doesn't involve the back-breaking work of swapping furniture items around. Homeowners who are looking to stop floor accessories from moving can lay a rug-stop grip underneath the main carpet to keep the fabric in place throughout the day. Rug-stop grips come in various sizes so individuals can select the width and length that most closely matches the textile they have purchased for their home.

Using a mat underneath your hall runner or other floor decorations in high-traffic areas can actually help to extend the life of the fabric and can keep rugs from moving around when they are placed on any flooring surface, including wall-to-wall carpeting!

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