Bath Curtains and Accessories News

Creating an intriguing bathroom with new bath curtains and wallpaper

If your bathroom decor has become outdated and unappealing, it may be time for you to go bold with new bath curtains, accessories and fixtures.

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Window treatments to spruce up the look of your bathroom

You may not think of the bathroom as a space that lends itself to interior design, but there’s no need to feel limited in what you can do.

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Using valances and new bath curtains in your half bath

If you have a half bath in your home, it can be difficult to find ways to spruce it up.

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Using bath curtains to bring together the decor of a bathroom

When people think of curtains, kitchen curtains and drapes might come to mind – but have you ever thought of bath curtains?

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Giving your secondary bathroom the design it deserves

You may have taken the time and care to make sure that the window treatments, fixtures and wall paint in your master bathroom are perfect – but what about your guest bathroom?

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