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Transforming your bathroom with new curtains and glass

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom and transforming it into a more welcoming space, you might assume that it’s going to take an ample amount of money.

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Removing mildew from bath curtains and tubs

One thing that no one wants to have to deal with in the bathroom is mildew. However, this unsightly growth can show up on everything from bath curtains to window treatments if it’s allowed to invade a space over time.

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Creating a cottage style bathroom with the right window treatments and fixtures

Creating a cozy, country bathroom may seem easy when you first envision it, but without the right window treatments, wall color and bath curtains, your dream design can quickly fall apart.

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Sprucing up your bathroom with fixtures to match your window treatments and decor

If you already have the perfect bath curtains and window treatments in your bathroom but your decor still isn’t quite coming together, the problem might be your fixtures.

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Creating a hotel-style bathroom with new bath curtains and towels

If you have always dreamed of renovating your bathroom and you finally have the money to do it, you might want to think about going with a luxury hotel design.

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