Bath Curtains and Accessories News

How bathroom window curtains can influence your design

Many people forget that a bathroom can have as much design impact as the other rooms in the house.

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Finding the right fixtures and shower curtains for a children’s bathroom

It can be a luxury to have a master bathroom, but it can be even more beneficial to simply have a bathroom that the children can use instead of your own.

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Using shower curtains and accessories to decorate a spacious bathroom

One common complaint among homeowners is that their bathrooms are too small to decorate with the right shower curtains and accessories.

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Remodeling your bathroom curtains and fixtures to increase value

Homeowners have their reasons for wanting to remodel their bathrooms – some want to make this space feel more luxurious, while others want to raise their property value.

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Making your bathroom feel larger with the right window treatments and fixtures

One room that can be tough to use if there is a lack of space is the bathroom.

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