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The perfect color scheme for your bathroom

When the time comes to redesign your bathroom, you should think about your own unique sense of style and tone.

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Small accents can have a large impact

Sometimes, adding a seemingly small accent to a room can make a world of difference.

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Independent women choose sensible, sophisticated bathroom designs

It goes without saying that many women today are making significant strides in the work force, choosing to focus on their own careers and self interests.

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Beach bathroom: An ocean of possibilities

These days, between making lunches and dropping your kids off at soccer practice, it can be hard to escape the monotony of suburban living. However, if completed correctly, a beach oasis can be just a few rooms away – in the bathroom.

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Properly hanging curtain rods

If you feel that there’s something missing from the design of a room in your home, you might want to consider installing new curtains to bolster its appeal.

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