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Stockholm Brown

Where does ‘ease of use’ fit into home design?

“Easy-to-use” is an adjective we all like to see in front of products like software, electronics and tools.


4 tips for buying and cleaning up vintage furniture

In a perfect world, every cool piece of furniture we find at consignment stores, thrift shops and yard sales would be of top quality and in perfect condition.

living room

Symmetry or asymmetry: Which is best?

When you’re redecorating or designing a room in a new house, one of your main focuses will be the furniture layout.


Checkered floors: 3 reasons to choose this fun classic

If you’re embarking on a redecorating project and new floors are on your radar, a checkerboard floor might be your best bet.

industrial decor

Could your space benefit from industrial decor?

Industrial buildings all over the country are being transformed into condos and apartments every day.

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