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craft room

Curtains, rugs and more for the mom cave

Traditionally, dads have had a room in the house decked out with computers and sports memorabilia, kids got a space to play with toys and let loose and now it’s mom’s turn to fill a space with all of the objects of her affection.

Stockholm Brown

Curtains: How to Dress Windows to the Nines

Here are some choices to take into consideration so that you can dress a window with curtains that are practical, yet you.

Seaside Blue Bathscene

How to add a pinch of the sea without drowning the bathroom in decor

Here are some tips from experts on various beachy bathroom styles.

Calypso A

It’s curtains for homesickness this college season

Here are tips on how to choose the simplest yet frequently forgotten piece of nostalgia – the curtains.


Walk into style: Tips on decorating the entryway

Here are some tips to impress guests the minute they walk through the door.

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