Drapes vs. Curtains

D. Palmacci

Although many individuals confuse the words drape and curtain, believing them to be the same thing, there are actually distinct differences between the two that are important for those interested in purchasing new window treatments for their homes.

Drapes are generally considered to be only heavy materials that are not made from sheer or see-through fabrics – these types of window treatments generally run floor-length and are made to block out light during the day and to seal in heat during cold or winter months. Drapes are known to be more expensive than traditional curtains, as they contain more fabric than their window counterparts; although they are sometimes of a higher quality than curtains and can help homeowners save on their heating bills throughout the year.

Curtains are usually made out of lighter fabrics like cotton or sheer and translucent materials and are cheaper to buy as they are less expensive to produce than heavy drapes. Curtains, unlike drapes, are not usually lined and so they provide less privacy when used alone but are light enough to be paired with blinds or shutters without making windows appear bulky.

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