Top 10 Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen This Holiday Season

D. Palmacci

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas brunch or New Year’s cocktails, chances are you want your place looking fresh for your friends and family. Since there will undoubtedly be a flurry of activity happening in the kitchen, you might be searching for easy, budget-friendly ways to update the look of your space. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. New hardware. If the pulls on your drawers and the handles on your cabinets are practically non-existent due to lackluster designs, why not get some new hardware? These pieces are usually very affordable at local hardware stores, and you can find a style that perfectly matches your vision.

2. Cheap curtains. New curtains for the kitchen will look polished and add flair to your space. Tier curtains are a popular choice for kitchens because they allow some privacy but still let in plenty of light. Consider these when you’re shopping for discount curtains online.

3. Wall paint. A can or two of paint won’t likely put a dent in your wallet, but fresh paint can make a huge impact on the walls of your kitchen. Look for something that’s cheerful and bright, like yellow, blue or a shade of white.

4. Cabinet paint. Just like painting your walls, painting your cabinets can transform the style of your space. Bright colors like cobalt blue or chartreuse are trendy these days, but white or even black can add dramatic impact.

5. Extra shelves. If you have the wall space and the kitchen accessories, extra shelving is a great cheap addition to your kitchen. Just make sure that you arrange your items in an artful manner, as they’ll be completely visible.

6. Mirrors. If your kitchen’s on the smaller side and your cabinets are looking a little plain, mirrors can solve both problems. Attach them to the doors of your cabinets for a room-opening illusion.

7. Dishware. Got lots of mixed plates, cups and bowls messing up your design? Sounds like you could use a new set. Shop around for an affordable set that matches your space.

8. Pot and pan rack. For a rustic feel (and a convenient way to store those pesky pans), install a rack in your kitchen. It works best over a center island, but if you don’t have one, get creative!

9. Mason jars. If you have a ton of ingredients to keep track of this holiday season, consider placing them in mason jars. Not only are they effective storage solutions, but they’ll look attractive arranged on your shelves.

10. Dish towels and apron. Set yourself up with a new collection of dish towels to hang in your kitchen and pick up a matching apron while you’re at it. No messes this year!

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