Monthly Archives: June 2012

Blue and White – A Color Palette with a Long History

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme for a room – no matter which one it is – you might want to rely on blue and white.

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What are the Elements of Preppy Interior Design?

When you hear the word “prep,” images of private school students, Lacoste polos, boat shoes, stripes and tucked-in shirts may come to mind.

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What are the Main Characteristics of Tuscan Decor?

If you’ve ever been to the Italian countryside, you know how gorgeous and relaxing the style is.

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Tips for Designing a Room Based on a Piece of Artwork

Many homeowners have trouble coming up with a room’s design scheme on their own, which is why some choose to use a piece of artwork as inspiration.

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Top 5 Tips for Decorating a Condo or Apartment

If you’re making the move to a condo or an apartment and haven’t had experience with decorating smaller spaces, you may find yourself at a loss.

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