20 Cape Cod Bedroom Ideas You’ll Want to “Sea”

Cape Cod Bedroom Ideas You'll Want to "Sea"

D. Palmacci

Burgees and sailboats aren’t the only options for Cape Cod bedroom ideas. Discover how versatile this traditional style really is.

Whether you live on a New England shoreline or somewhere else, Cape Cod bedrooms channel the serenity and simplicity of sea life. When you think of this centuries-old style of decor, you probably imagine sea blue and sandy beige, high ceilings, and crisp, bright whites. But there are a plethora of other Cape Cod bedroom ideas that conjure a sense of sunny beaches. From furniture to lighting, area rugs to throw pillows, we’ve got twenty different ways to make your Cape Cod bedroom come to life.

cape cod bedroom ideas

What is Cape Cod style?

First, it’s important to understand what we mean when we talk about Cape Code style. Usually, the phrase refers to the architectural style of the house, inspired by cottages, with gabled roofs, wooden shutters, and dormer windows.

However, this is about the interior decor. Cape Cod style interiors usually consist of light colors and quiet floral tones, as well as antique and rustic wood furniture, and lantern-style lighting. Most of the time, these rooms are designed to feel open and airy, though some nautical themes can go darker, which will make the space feel more enclosed. No matter your overall theme, there are plenty of accessories, and color and lighting options that will add to the serene and relaxing feel of your cozy sleeping space. Brass hardware, nautical instruments, stripes, applique, and other textures all work well with most Cape Cod bedroom ideas.

Still not sure where to begin? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. For inspiration, check out the following list of Cape Cod bedroom ideas that will surely have your beachside bedroom looking summery and sea-ready in time for the approaching warmer months.

20 Cape Cod bedroom ideas to transform your space

1. Cape Cod curtains

Perhaps the most traditional and identifiable Cape Cod style, these curtains allow for plenty of natural light—a must-have for a beachside bedroom. If you’re looking to go timeless, these curtains pass the test with flying colors.

2. Bay Breeze curtains

For a more modern look, these sheer curtains come in antique or white, and offer the same airy, breezy feel as the original Cape Cod curtains without all the frills.

3. Oyster Bay grommet curtains

Want to go entirely modern? Consider these light blue grommet curtains that do away with all the ornamentation without sacrificing a sense of the sea.

01-25-cape-cod-bedroom-ideas-youll-want-to-sea4. Four-poster bed

A classic four-poster with a dark wood finish adds to the feeling of elegance you’ll find in a Cape Cod bedroom. Spring for the canopy style for a little dramatic flair.

5. Mini-chandelier

Though lanterns are more traditional, installing a small electric chandelier is an excellent way to draw eyes upwards while maintaining a feeling of antiquity and class. (Protip: These work best with higher ceilings.)

6. Textured quilts

Applique and textured quilts like this one add layers to the room, giving it more dimension. The quilt set featured here comes in a number of different colors that would work with Cape Cod style.

7. Dust ruffles 

Traditional Cape Cod bedroom ideas will include plenty of decorative fabrics, like these dust ruffles you can add around the base of your bed. They not only add ornamentation, but they’re also good for hiding extra storage.

02-25-cape-cod-bedroom-ideas-youll-want-to-sea8. Nautical artwork 

Framed pictures, drawings, and paintings of boats, islands, fish, and other beach-themed art are the perfect accent to a Cape Cod bedroom.

9. Nautical instruments 

Looking to accent your space with something a little more three-dimensional? Shop antique stores and garage sales for things like sextants, nautical maps, compasses, and other seafaring solutions that double as mantlepieces.

10. Oceanic Pillows 

One of the most important parts of any slumber space, pillows that feature fish, aquatic plants, and other sea creatures, as well as pillow shams, compliment most Cape Cod bedroom ideas.

11. Burgees 

These nautical flags are a must-have in a Cape Cod bedroom. Framed or free-hanging, burgees are a staple of the region that can be obtained through most sailing clubs (though some are strict about membership before they’ll give up their colors).

12. Nautical stripes 

Looking for a change from the light and airy color schemes? Go navy blue with striped paint or wallpaper, calling to sailors and aquatic designs.

13. Comforter 

Even summer nights can get cold on the New England shore. A comforter goes a long way in keeping warm. This reversible blue comforter is perfect Cape Cod bedding, no matter which side you use. (Oh, and it comes in other colors, too.)

14. Wicker chair 

For sitting, a wicker chair combines comfort with the rustic feel you’ll want to accompany your Cape Cod bedroom ideas.

15. Hammock chair 

Hoping to stray from traditional? Consider hanging a hammock chair, which provides relaxation in a typically-summer setting. These work especially well in bedrooms for children and teens—as long as you can convince them it’s not a swing.

03-25-cape-cod-bedroom-ideas-youll-want-to-sea16. Antique dresser with wood finish 

It might take a little leg work, but scour yard sales and antique shops to find the perfect dresser for your Cape Cod bedroom. It should be rustic, with a dark, glossy finish for the full effect.

17. Roman shades

Unless you’re looking to cut out light entirely, Roman shades compliment Cape Cod bedrooms well because they still let in a fair amount of natural light while giving you the privacy you’ll often need in your bedroom.

18. Lampshades 

Accent your bedroom with this sea blue lampshade.

19. Roman numeral wall clock

It’s not traditionally Cape Cod, but the antique feel of the clock along with the Roman numerals recalls nautical equipment—without sacrificing the time.

20. Area rug

Adding this piece under the bed or in an open space on the floor breathes a little life into wooden floors without calling too much attention to itself.

Even just a few of these will give your bedroom that fresh, Cape Cod look in no time, so you can relax in peace.

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