Moving Into Your First House: 10 Home Decor Items You Should Buy First

moving into your first house

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Don’t let the stress of moving into your first house take away from the fun! This list of must-have items will help get you started.

The paperwork is finally signed; you’ve close on a house, and set a moving date. You have most of the furniture that you need, but moving into your first house also means more windows and floors to cover, not to mention all the wall space to decorate. In fact, now that you think about it, there’s going to be a lot more space to cover! But where to begin?

Much of the stress of moving into your first house comes from all the little details. What color should your bathroom towels be? What kind of lamp will go best in the living room next to the couch? What should you do with the walls? (Framed art? Wallpaper? Nothing?)

Despite all the details, decorating your new home should be more fun than frustration. That said, we know it can be tough to get started. Apart from furniture, we think these ten items belong on your list.

moving into your first house

Ten essential items that belong on every first-house list

1. Curtains

One of the most important components to making a house a home is adding window treatments. Curtains not only add privacy, but they also reduce noise reverberation and add a sense of style and personality to your space. If you already have furniture, you might consider matching curtains, or you can go the other way around and decorate the room around your window treatments. Either way, moving into your first house requires some attention to this critical detail that can make or break a room.

Check out some of these curtain styles and find the perfect one for you!

2. Blinds01-moving-into-your-first-house-10-home-decor-items-you-should-buy-first

If you prefer the bare-bones style of no curtains, or if you want additional privacy, there are other options, like shades and blinds, that will prevent prying eyes and the harsh afternoon sun. Bedrooms especially benefit from blinds that can close out the light completely, but any room with windows facing the street or a neighbor’s house may be good candidates for additional shading.

Looking for alternative or unique shades? Consider this grommet tie-up curtain that comes in multiple colors and will keep light out while retaining heat.

3. Bath mats

With so many bathrooms being neutral in color, bath mats are one of the few opportunities you have for accents, whether bold or subtle. We recommend moving into your first house with at least two bath mats so you can wash one while the other’s in use and so you have at least one alternative color or style option.

If matching colors is important to you, take a look at this luxury bath rug that offers optional add-ons for a toilet lid cover and a contour rug.

4. Bath towels

Next to bath mats, towel sets are another place for adding both color and texture to your bathroom. Choose from patterns and prints or solid colors and see how these practical accessories can make the space come alive.

Prefer to keep your bath mats and towels color-coordinated? Try this deluxe towel ensemble that comes with a bath towel, a hand towel, a face cloth, and a matching bath mat.

5. Area rugs

If you’re moving into your first house with hardwood floors, you’ll probably want to put a few rugs down, both for decoration and to protect the surface. There are dozens of different designs to choose from, including this simple, yet elegant striped pattern.

6. Lampsmoving into your first house

Lamps are a great way to add softer, more focused light to a room. Nightstands, end tables, and living room corners are all great candidates for standing lamps. Just make sure that when you choose your lamps, you don’t forget to give equal attention to the lamp shades!

7. Pillows

Moving into your first house usually means buying more furniture. While you’ve probably already got bed pillows, toss pillows are a great way to add character to a room or piece of furniture. Go with a more traditional toss pillow with subdued hues and a smooth surface, or try something bold, like this textured toss pillow in teal.

8. Mirrors

Apart from the bathroom mirror, you’ll likely want a mirror for the bedroom. Whether you’re sizing up outfits or just opening up a room, a standing mirror is the perfect accessory for fashion, function, or feng shui.

9. Clocks

Sure, most of us have cell phones now that tell us the time, but sometimes we’d rather just moving into your first housetake a quick glance at a wall, shelf, or desk clock. Whether you select a vintage or modern design, you’ll appreciate the convenience of knowing what time it is no matter which room you’re in.

10. Framed art

Finally, moving into your first house wouldn’t be complete without adding a little wall art. Flowers, word art, iconic scenes, and even barren trees are among the plethora of possibilities that are available for turning your bare walls into conversation starters.

Still need a few ideas for decorating your first home?

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