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How To Measure


Curtains & Drapes

Always use a metal measuring tape,
flexible cloth tapes will not be accurate.

Curtains and drapes come in different widths,
keep in mind that 1 1/2 to 2 times the width
of the window will provide good window coverage.

Pinch-pleated drapes have their fullness sewn
into them, there is no need to double the width.

The length of curtains and drapes is a matter
of taste. They may go to the windowsill or fall
anywhere below. Allow at least 4 inches above
a baseboard heater or radiator.





Can be measured three different ways:


Tip To Tip
Measure your old shade from tip to tip.
(The tip is the piece that sits in the bracket)






Inside Hang
Measure the exact distance between the window moldings.
Deduct 1/8" from the measurement to allow clearance for the brackets.
This is the measurement your shade needs to be cut at.








Outside Hang
Measure between the two points where brackets are to
be placed on the molding.
This is the measurement your shade needs to be cut at.




Mounting Brackets

Are available in three different styles to fit your need.





   Inside Mount




      Outside Mount




   Universal Mount






Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds can be measured the same as shown above.
Note: The mini blind package states that it fits a 31" window, it actually will fit a window that is between 30 3/4" to 31 5/8" wide.